Game Of Thrones: 10 Ways Arya Stark Got Worse And Worse

June 4, 2020

Arya Stark is in contention as possibly the most beloved character on Game of Thrones. She was immediately a character that fans wanted to root for as she was determined to break conventions, make her own path, and punish the bad people of Westeros.

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As the show went on, her character arc was an interesting one with so much potential. However, as the show started to decline, so too did her character and a lot of those great opportunities were squandered while certain paths she took proved unsatisfying. Here are some of the reasons Arya Stark got worse and worse on Game of Thrones.

10 The Perfect Warrior

Early on in the series, Arya showed she wanted to be one of the great warriors of Westeros and was willing to train hard to achieve that. As the series continued, Arya continued on this path and started picking up tips from the various warriors she meets along the way.

In makes sense that Arya would eventually develop into a highly-skilled fighter, but the show made the mistake of making her too good. It’s not fun to see a hero who can beat everyone they come across with such ease. Grounding her skills would have made those letter victories more satisfying.

9 Leaving Westeros

Arya likely does more traveling than almost any other character on the show. After leaving King’s Landing at the end of Season 1, Arya spends several seasons trying to make her way back to her family. Then at the end of Season 4, she decides to leave Westeros entirely and travel to Braavos.

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While this was set up earlier in the series, seeing her leave Westeros at this time was not the path audiences wanted for her. It didn’t that her storyline in Braavos was often frustrating and it sadly made her a character who was less fun to follow.

8 Becoming A Faceless Man

When Arya arrived in Braavos, she continued her training as a warrior by attempting to become a member of the Faceless Men, an organization of secret assassins. This is a storyline that seemed to have so much potential for Arya’s growth.

However, this proved to be one of the most poorly written plots in the show that was so scattered it was hard to get any emotional attachment. The rules of the Faceless Men are unclear as are Arya’s motivations. In the end, it felt like Arya’s storyline stalled for two seasons all so she could learn to steal faces.

7 Losing Her Sense Of Humor

Arya was perhaps not a character who had a lot of funny one-liners, like Tyrion Lannister, but her attitude was often the source of a lot of comedy. She was an angry and impatient little girl who bullied people when she didn’t get her way.

As Arya matured, that childish side of her began to fade away, and sadly her sense of humor faded as well. The show seemed too concerned with making her the ultimate badass that they didn’t allow her to look foolish anymore and it made her a bit less interesting.

6 Emotionless

Part of what made Arya such a fun character to follow during those first few seasons was watching her deal with all the struggles. From Ned Stark’s execution to the Red Wedding to meeting the Hound again, Arya’s emotional reaction was always so powerful.

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As is expected, the show wanted to depict how these events had changed Arya. She became colder and less emotional as time went on. She seemed more like a Terminator than the young girl we cheered for all those years.

5 Fighting With Sansa

For much of the series, fans were eagerly awaiting the Starks reuniting after being torn apart for so long. One of the most anticipated reunions was between Arya and Sansa. The two Stark sisters had their differences in the past, but they had both grown so much in the years since.

While they get a nice reunion, the show then forced an unnecessary and frustrating subplot about Littlefinger manipulating them to hate each other. It felt like a disservice to these characters and a waste of time.

4 Disturbing Behavior

Violence has always been a big part of Game of Thrones, so it’s not surprising that Arya would get involved in the bloodiness of it all. We see early on that she has a talent for killing and it only grows from there.

However, Arya began taking her revenge to some pretty brutal extremes. Gouging people’s eyes, cooking people into a pie, and gleefully murdering an entire house – she was going down a dark path. But instead of looking at why it’s disturbing Arya is doing these things, the show expects fans to cheer for her gruesome acts.

3 Fan Service

One of the biggest problems with the last few seasons of Game of Thrones was that subtlety was completely abandoned. The show became less interested in story and character development and more interested in big crowd-pleasing moments.

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Unfortunately, Arya was at the center of a lot of these moments. She became a tool for achieving those things that fans had been waiting for, like revenge on House Frey and Littlefinger, at the cost of a good story.

2 Romance

Gendry and Arya always made for a good pair and it didn’t take long for fans to start imagining a romance between them. The moment finally came on the eve of the Battle of Winterfell. Arya and Gendry finally have their romantic moment fans wanted for so long.

However, it felt like another needless fan service moment that didn’t feel right. Arya did not seem like the kind of character that would go looking for such a romantic tryst. She was a changed person but the show forgot that for a moment to please fans.

1 Killing The Night’s King

One of the most controversial moments of the final season was Arya killing the Night King. Given that he had been a threat for much of the series, many thought it would be Jon Snow to defeat the Night King. However, given that Arya had become a master assassin, it made perfect sense that she killed him.

However, while this should have been a defining moment for the character, it’s just sort of something that happens. Barely any mention is made of her saving the world and it doesn’t seem to have any impact on her at all.

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Arya Stark is possibly the most beloved character on Game of Thrones, but she wasn’t perfect. She may have worsened as the show went on.Lists

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